Taryn Kealani
Design + Art

We Feed Raw

ReelRaw needed a new brand identity and strong online presence to reach the premium raw pet food audience. Renamed We Feed Raw and featuring the real pets fed by WFR, the new look needed to make its way online. After doing an audit of competitors in the raw pet food market, other subscription services and the best in class e-commerce sites I saw that WFR needed clear and concise education for both the raw food diet and what the subscription service entailed. Previous customers were integrated to the new subscriptions services and new customers could use a cost calculator to see how affordable it is to start a raw diet plan. Looking to do more then just sell meal plans, we incorporated smart product recommendations throughout the shopping experience to help boost the presence of new al carte items. We Feed Raw was founded to provide the highest quality raw pet food and with the new look and site can continue to feed pets throughout America. WeFeedRaw.com

Role: UX Strategy, Designers: Kenny Coil + Steveo Wimberly, CW: Jacob Pankey done at Preacher